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Bratislava Airport satellite image , Slovakia  - Pléiades 50 cm resolution

Vytah Space Business Conference

11th April, Bratislava, Slovakia

Earth Observation

Discover how we’ve changed the game in Earth observation

Earlier this year, Airbus attended the Vytah Space business conference in Bratislava, Slovakia to present our optical constellation.

Highlights of our participation:

  • Géraldine Caudron, Sales Manager, presented how Airbus has been enabling its customers to benefit from the best space technology for the past 40 years.
  • She was also at the Airbus booth to talk about the Airbus Constellation in more detail.
Géraldine Caudron presenting Airbus Constellation during Vytah Space conference in Bratislava

Géraldine Caudron presenting Airbus Constellation during Vytah Space conference in Bratislava

During the event, Géraldine Caudron was invited to take part in the software conference and present Airbus’ most comprehensive constellation of commercial satellites.


This event was a great opportunity to raise awareness about our advanced product, Pléiades Neo HD15, which brightens the colour of the imagery and provides sharper details for easier interpretation.


She also had the pleasure of exchanging with different stakeholders in the space industry, from government officials to start-ups, at the Airbus booth throughout the day.

Vytah Space conference - Software hybrid panel Q&A session

Software hybrid panel Q&A session

The Airbus Constellation of satellites provides users with unique access to multi-source, multi-resolution optical and radar sensors. Our extensive portfolio of satellites spans the entire geo-information value chain and is unrivalled in the marketplace.


Airbus Constellation provides decision-makers with integrated, sustainable solutions to increase security, optimise mission planning and operations, boost operational performance, improve management of resources and protect our environment for a more sustainable future.

Airbus was thrilled to join all the “bad-ass dreamers” present at Vytah Space Business Conference!


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