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Starling webinar: No-deforestation Verification – June 11th

Starling webinar

June 11th at 3 p.m. (CET) on LiveStorm

Cocoasource and The Hershey Company share their valuable insights about their no-deforestation commitments. Discover how Starling verifies their forest impact.

Let’s connect! Discover how Starling is supporting companies in their no-deforestation commitments

Join our upcoming Starling webinar, hosted with the contribution of two industry actors, to discover their own unique perspectives on their use of Starling in their sustainability journey.

Cocoasource will share their experience of using Starling to tackle challenges related to EUDR compliance. The Hershey Company will share a case study on how they are addressing deforestation in the palm oil supply chain with the support of Starling.

Before giving the floor to our guest speakers, the Starling team (represented by both Airbus DS and the Earthworm Foundation) will introduce Starling and its recent upgrades to set the scene.

Looking forward to welcoming all of you the 11th of June and to fruitful exchanges!


Encouraged by company convictions and/or regulations (e.g. EUDR), many companies have made ambitious no-deforestation commitments.

However, verifying status and progress of these commitments can be challenging. Some current solutions to monitor deforestation do not fully meet market expectations and regulation requirements due to sometime a lack of accuracy.

Satellite imagery resolution is crucial to provide reliable deforestation monitoring. With the use of very high resolution imagery, Starling can support companies further with, for example, forest positive projects. 

Companies need trustworthy and accurate information to verify their commitments and mitigate risks where needed. With Starling, companies can rely on accurate and actionable data to engage their suppliers.


Join our webinar to learn more about Starling and get the opportunity to ask your questions!