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European Space Conference

23-24 January 2024, SQUARE, Brussels Belgium

Earth Observation - Sustainability

Discover how Airbus is a game-changer in environmental monitoring

Earlier this year, Airbus Defence & Space attended  the EU Space Conference, which took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Highlights of our participation:

  • Karen Florschutz, the Head of Connected Intelligence of Airbus Defence & Space
  • Pierre-Alain and Elizabeth Langlois, Sales team of Airbus Intelligence

Karen Florschütz, Head of Connected Intelligence at Airbus Defence & Space, was invited to participate in a panel on the topic of ‘Earth Observation in support of the Green Deal’. During the event, she showcased several of Airbus’ solutions related to sustainability, including Airbus’ Digital Twin technology (Project co-developped with Dassault Systèmes) and its various use cases, such as the monitoring of pollutants being dispersed in a French port. Applications of this technology enable companies or organisations better control the dispersion of pollutants and contribute to the protection of both the environment and human health.

Karen Florscütz also presented Airbus’ project with Ocean CleanUp, which aims to locate and remove plastic nets from our oceans.

Finally, she spoke about Starling, our solution co-developped with the Earthworm Foundation to monitor and foster action taking to mitigate the risk of deforestation worlwide.

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Pierre-Alain Bosc and Elizabeth Langlois (Sales Team) showcased Starling during a discussion titled ‘No-deforestation impact supported by satellite imagery’.

Starling is a geospatial solution which measured the environmental impact of supply chains in order to deliver on companies’ deforestation-free and net-zero commitments. We offer our solution to actors in the palm oil, cocoa, coffee, rubber, pulp and paper, as well as timber industries worldwide, and at every stage of the supply chain.  During their presentation, our team demonstrated how Starling is supporting companies monitor their supply chains and how Starling is fit for the European Union Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR), coming-up in 2024.

Starling is a combination of several elements: satellite imagery (from 10m to 30cm resolution), machine-to-machine learning, algorithms, human expertise, AI to automatically detect land cover change, basemaps, analytics, high-quality reports to prioritize and guide action-taking, and a platform which allows easy access to these functionalities.

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Attendees were able to watch a testimony recording of Nespresso’s ESG Manager, Thomas Vaillant, who was unfortunately unable to join us in person in Brussels. Thomas Vaillant gave his feedback on Starling and how the solution may support Nespresso in reaching their ambitious sustainability commitments.

Sustainability was one of the main focus points of this year’s EU Space Conference, and we were thrilled to be a part of it and present Airbus’ efforts to our peers in the geospatial industry.