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A strategic partnership for new risk and disaster intelligence


Airbus’ data will power Mayday’s next-generation risk and disaster intelligence platform, supporting decision-makers in protecting lives, the environment and property.



Mayday is a German-based leader in risk and disaster intelligence. The company covers multiple disaster types that are available anywhere in the world .

At the core of Mayday’s technological capabilities lies its proprietary AI fusion engine. Through continuous machine learning the engine enables real-time insights, at high accuracy and granularity - up to parcel level.

Through the strategic partnership, emergency response and governmental services, insurances and other disaster-prone organisations will benefit from an enhanced situational awareness.

Airbus’ high-resolution products like Digital Elevation Models (3D), SAR, and on demand optical imagery will be processed by Mayday’s downstream capabilities in real-time. Users will be able to access event-centric intelligence through Mayday’s common operating platform. This will allow users to obtain the fastest possible insights for coordination on the ground, rapidly map damage and build other in-depth analytics to support quick recovery.


“We are excited to share the news of this tremendously impactful partnership for our user communities. Our joint and unique innovations will allow for ease of use and unprecedented situational awareness powered by our AI enabled fusion engine, as well as provide the flexibility to cater to varying customer nuances. We are proud of the recognition of our innovations by the UNDRR, and I am convinced that our partnership with a seasoned innovator like Airbus will further help member states reach goals of UN's Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework and create resilient communities." said Kian Mirshahi, CEO and Founder of

"Every minute counts when dealing with a disaster, whether natural or industrial, if you want to react effectively. We are convinced that the reactivity of our satellites and the quality of the images they provide will be optimally exploited by the Mayday’s AI fusion engine, to support emergency response services", said François Lombard, Director of Intelligence Business at Airbus Defence and Space


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