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Military Airspace Surveillance

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The Bundeswher needed efficient Military Airspace Surveillance, to control Air Force Operations over Germany and contiguous areas, and to meet their military commitment.

  • Control Air Force Operations
  • Create a military air situation picture
  • Automatically identify flying objects
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Our Solution

Based on its Fortion® 1SkyControl solution, Airbus provided the German Improved Air Defense System III (GIADS), an ultramodern control and reporting center (CRC) part of the Air Command and Control System of the German Air Force Tactical Command and Control Service (GAF TACCS). Information about flying objects delivered by the radar systems is automatically supplemented with civil Air Traffic Control data, creating a military air situation picture that is exchanged with neighboring Control and Reporting Centers (CRC) within the framework of the NATO Integrated Air Defense System, NATINADS.

Instantly get the accurate air situation

Any objects detected are automatically identified using the latest technology, which provides a continuously updated air situation picture. The system functionality includes control of military aircraft and Surface to Air Missile (SAM) units, and it has the capacity to process up to 12,000 plots, 3,000 system tracks, and 1,000 flight plans to exchange the data with up to 24 external Air Command and Control Systems in Control and Reporting Centers. 

Military Airspace SurveillanceSky Control Benefit Flight Plan2 Track Correlation


  • Continuously updated air situation  
  • Automatic identification of flying objects
  • Air situation exchange with neighbouring CRCs
  • Airspace security over Germany and contiguous areas

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