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Get the highest level of precision for your data with highly accurate 3D Reference Information, anyway on earth!

Space Reference Points (SRPs)

Best-in-Class 3D Reference Layer

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What are Space Reference Points?

SRPs are a global reference layer, consisting of a set of image chips, every 2km², with a 3D center coordinate.

The database is available almost everywhere across the world, supporting massive image and orthorectification processing. It can register all kind of optical images, automatically with limited human interaction.

The SRP database is co-edited by the French mapping agency (Institut National de L’Information Géographique et Forestière, IGN) and Airbus.

Key features
  • Coverage: ~136M km² (full landmass without Antarctica)
  • Accuracy: <3m CE90
  • Resolution: 2m GDS unmatched resolution for a global Reference Layer
  • Density: 1 GCP per 2 km²
  • Image chips: up to 10 image chips per GCP, extracted from Spot 6/7 images
Your advantages with SRPs

The database is available off-the-shelf, supporting any resolution and can register all kinds of optical images, even with poor native location data and where no ground-truthing is possible.

Space Reference Points provide 3D information, supporting a broad range of mapping projects for orthorectification and mosaicking purposes.

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SRPs in action

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