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Airbus values shape how we do business

Our Values

These values shape the DNA of our business

Airbus Intelligence core values

For us it is not only important what we do, but also how we do it. We are guided by a set of six values, that were selected by over 55,000 Airbus employees to best represent our global community and our convictions. We deliver on our promises and commitments to our customers, partners, stakeholders and the community by living these six core values.

Our values

Team work

We combine the expertise and experiences of many different fields to always deliver best-in-class solutions and push the boundaries of innovation. We create an engaging and inclusive workplace that favours wellbeing and fun.

Customer focus

At Airbus, we see our customers as partners and we recognise that our success goes hand-in-hand with the success of our customers. Listening to the needs of our customers and working in close alignment enables us to deliver valuable and sustainable solution together. We take pride in our work, and want to ensure our services and products are truly exceptional.


We are committed to consistently delivering on time, on cost and to the highest level of quality in all our projects. We recognise the significance of reliability as the foundation to building trust and enabling constructive long-lasting relationships with our customers, partners, stakeholders and communities.


"Respect" guides all of our daily interactions - with each other, with our customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders. We create a working environment based on trust, transparency and open communication, where everybody is listened to and valued. We embrace diversity and inclusivity as a way to build high-performing, innovative teams.


We are curious, courageous, and open-minded. Bold ideas and a "shoot for the moon" mentality enable us to stay at the forefront of innovation as we continue to shape the future of our industry. We aspire to give all employees the time, space and tools to bring their creative ideas to life and progress with imagination and passion.


Integrity is our guiding principle across all activities and all levels within Airbus. We act with commitment, transparency and honesty at all times and we have zero tolerance towards unethical and non-compliant behaviours.

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For 40+ years Airbus Intelligence has been your trusted partner for premium Geospatial Data and Defence Solutions.

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With 2,000 employees in 10 countries and an extensive network of partners we ensure a local presence around the globe.

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Pioneering is key for Airbus. We are supporting students, university researchers and scientists to discover solutions for the most complex problems of our world.

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