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OneAtlas Basemap | Curated and refreshed global image layer

Airbus selected as multi-year Basemap provider for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence


Airbus Defence and Space and the Dutch Ministry of Defence have signed a four-year agreement to provide worldwide, sharp, fresh and up-to-date satellite imagery via the OneAtlas Basemap.

This new contract will extend the Dutch Ministry of Defence access to Airbus’ highly precise, curated global imagery basemap layer by providing 30cm, 50cm and 1.5m resolution imagery to support mission needs. The imagery layer will be embedded into their collaborative environment that will help supply complete and consistent coverage over land surfaces.

"The renewal and extension of the contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defense not only is a great vote of confidence in the worldwide imagery layer Airbus will continue to provide", said Rob Postma, President Airbus Netherlands, “It also shows that the Netherlands MoD sees Airbus as one of their partners for further integrating web-based geospatial information for their operations and missions.”

OneAtlas Basemap is a great worldwide imagery dataset, which allows all military and civilian staff of the Dutch Ministry of Defence access to up to date high resolution satellite imagery for operational planning. This basemap really enhance our possibilities to access satellite imagery data and we are more than happy to add OneAtlas Basemap to our geographical information solutions portfolio for the upcoming four years.

Lieutenant Colonnel Roland van Gorp

Commander Defence Geographical Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

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