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Pléiades Neo Testimonials
Our customers place their trust in us

Our customers place their trust in Pléiades Neo, our most advanced optical constellation with two identical 30cm resolution satellites and ultimate reactivity.

Pléiades Neo x I-Cube
Read their testimonials to find out why

Stéphanie Battiston, Deputy Head of Sertit's Rapid Mapping Service

Watch the testimonial from Stéphanie Battiston.

Sam Scaman, President & Founder of

“The resolution and quality of the Pléiades Neo 30cm imagery is spectacular! As an Airbus partner, I can tell you that my clients are also loving the quick collection timeframe on tasking orders.”

Carolyn Dupont, Chief Operating Officer of UpstreamTech COO

"We're thrilled to bring the Pléiades Neo data to Upstream Tech's customers who are collectively monitoring over 17 million acres of conservation and environmental work across the globe. Higher resolution data means a greater ability for our partners to find issues and understand how changes are occuring in sensitive ecosystems - meaning the more efficient and effective they are in protecting critical environmental areas."


Martin Giroux, Sales Representative of Effigis

“Pléiades Neo is particularly useful for our Defence customers in order to detect and identify strategic assets.”

Christian Nadeau, Executive Director of Earth observation Director of Effigis

"A new beginning in Earth Observation.
After a decade-long partnership, Effigis is very familiar with Airbus’ incredible track record, expertise, reliability and customer satisfaction. We are now very excited about the upcoming launch of Pleiades Neo. A constellation of four satellites imaging the Earth at 30 cm with up to intra-day revisit will bring an unprecedented capability to the world of Earth Observation and provide us with the means to increase our ability to address key market drivers and customer needs. Our customers in agriculture, AEC, natural resources, energy, and defence sectors will benefit from the increased imaging capability and spatial resolution of the constellation, while our government partners will be able to better prepare and respond to emergencies and natural disasters. Effigis is looking forward to the launch and seeing the first Pleiades Neo image."

David Critchley, CEO of 4EI

“ 4EI are incredibly excited to get access to the highly anticipated Pléiades Neo data. Our clients want high accuracy and detailed imagery. With this 30cm offering, we will be able to meet and satisfy more of our client's needs at an affordable price, whilst also improving our own products and services offering with a higher level of accuracy, detail and information, that we haven't had access to before. The datasets created from Pleiades Neo will enable innovative businesses to use geospatial analytics for the betterment of the planet “

Andrea Navarra, B2B Business Development Manager of Planetek Italia

“We are excited about the launch of the new Pléiades Neo constellation: combining a powerful tool such as Geostore for rapid tasking and delivery, and the advantages coming from native 30cm imagery is an incredible opportunity for our customers in the engineering and oil & gas markets. Using such images for cartography production and rapid mapping will greatly support infrastructure planning, design, and monitoring, with resolutions and accuracies that are comparable with traditional aerial surveys.”

Rasmus Eskerod Borgstrøm, Managing Director of DHI GRAS

and long-time successful partner of AirBus DS”

“At DHI GRAS we are very focused on applying state-of-the-art EO imagery into our innovative mapping applications. I am very eager to get NEO launched into space, so we can start utilizing this very promising data source for continuing our mission of mapping the shallow water bathymetry of the vast un-chartered coastal zones of the world. Further I am looking forward to have even sharper and more reactive image acquisitions of Greenland and the remote Arctic regions, which will greatly benefit the situational awareness and increasing of marine navigation in these pristine waters.”

Brock Adam McCarty, Apollo Mapping

“Pléiades Neo data is true 30cm resolution imagery at its best, displaying vibrant colors and crisp lines. We're excited for the future of the Pléiades Neo constellation and the high-quality imagery it provides”

Volodymyr Kolinko, Director of Visicom JSC

“Our team eagerly expects the Pléiades Neo satellites launching. We work mostly with satellite images of 0,8-0,3 m resolution to create accurate 2D and 3D models of the cities and urban areas. The scarcity of up-to-date images, especially stereo ones, often makes the project difficult to run and implement. We also would like to note that the need for 0,3-0,4 m resolution images has been increasing over the past few years due to need for extra accurate geodata for 5G networks development. So, Pléiades Neo satellite images of 0,3 m resolution will bring us new opportunities and help us realize our projects.”



"Airbus Pleiades and the Living Library APIs have already made an impact to the remote sensing world. The ease of integration in platforms like Sentinel Hub made it possible to get these data in the hands of users beyond defence, widening their use in various commercial applications, which need access to VHR data. The launch of Pléiades Neo will increase the capacity to three times current level, addressing the main limitation of VHR constellations - availability of data. This will open the door to use Pleiades in time-series based machine learning workflows. We cannot wait to see what data fusion of Pleiades Neo and monitoring constellations will bring us!"


Tarek Badawy, CTO of GEOMAP

"The addition of Pleiades Neo to the Airbus constellation is definitely something to look forward to. Being a value added distributor of Airbus imagery and products since 1994 and being the first to introduce SPOT imagery in Egypt, GEOMAP is thrilled with the new addition of the most advanced optical satellite to this legendary constellation. Our market in the Middle East is eager to see the latest of the Pleiades series with 30cm resolution which is the highest resolution available commercially so GEOMAP is incredibly excited to be able to offer Pleiades Neo imagery to our customers soon."


Fabrizio Filiberti, Founder and Managing Director of Sysdeco

"Here in Sysdeco we are very excited about the launch of Pléiades Neo, we’ll be able to offer even more resolute and accurate data to our current clients and acquire new ones. We have been Airbus’s partners for many years and thanks to its products and services we have always been at the cutting edge in offering geospatial solutions. Neo, with its 30 cm of resolution will allow us to completely satisfy the requirements of our clients which deal with environmental monitoring – like engineering companies and research bodies – which need to detect more and more subtle details. Pléiades Neo completes the already extensive collection of Airbus sensors and it will give us further boost to the geospatial market."


Pléiades Neo x GAF AG
Sebastian Carl, CEO of GAF AG

Watch the testimonial from Sebastian Carl, CEO of GAF AG to find out why.

Watch the full interview

Robin de Vries, Geospatial Analyst of The Ocean Cleanup

"At The Ocean Cleanup, it is our mission to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Remote sensing helps us by providing accurate and up-to-date information about the locations of plastic hotspots, thus focusing our efforts. The detection of floating plastic litter requires the highest ground resolution possible. Therefore, the upcoming Pléiades Neo satellite data products with 30 cm pixels are very promising."

Renaud Allioux, Co-founder and CTO of Preligens

“This new constellation is a real game changer in terms of revisit and resolution.”


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