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Fortion® TransProtec®

Protected transportation in hazardous areas

Innovative and flexible protected transport system with optimal protection according to STANAG 4569 Level 3 against explosives, sniper fire, shell fragments and mines.

Fortion® TransProtec® - Container in operation

What is Fortion® TransProtec®?

Armed forces and civilian organisations are engaged in international peacekeeping missions in crisis areas worldwide. Logistics transport missions are always exposed to certain dangers for example, on unsecured road between secured camps and airports. The existing armoured vehicles are capable of transporting a limited number of passengers and are often unavailable in sufficient numbers. To face this potential danger and ensure the best possible protection, we have developed the innovative and flexible Fortion® TransProtec® system, which offers optimal protection according to STANAG 4569 Level 3 against attacks from explosives, sniper fire, shell fragments and mines. Fortion TransProtec is a 20ft protected container or shelter complying with ISO standards that can accommodate up to eighteen people as well as including 80l of equipment per person. Loaded onto a truck, train or into vessel or aircraft, it can be operated in extreme environmental conditions (sand, dust, heat, coldness) with ten hours of autonomous operations, independent of carrier vehicle.


Fortion® TransProtec® - Protected container layout

Interior simulation of passenger compartment

Fortion® TransProtec® - Protected patient transport

Protected transportation of wounded persons in hazardous areas

Fortion Transprotected - Protected container interior

Interior view of passenger compartment

Fortion Transprotect - Protected container unloading

Hook-lifting for fast loading and unloading

Key features
  • ISO standard container 20'x8'x8', CSC approved, transportable by aircraft, vessel, train or truck
  • 18 seats with headrests and three-point seatbelts
  • Storage space: 80l per person (under the seat)
  • Weight: 13,500kg net, 16,000kg gross
  • Temperature range: -32˚C to + 55˚C
  • Airflow: 40m³/h per person
  • Robust against sand, dust, heat, coldness
  • Ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569 Level 3 against attacks from explosives, sniper fire, shell fragments, and mines
  • NBC protection
Did you know?

Our unrivalled expertise for over three decades in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, intelligence extraction, fusion and dissemination allied to significant Command and Control capabilities enables us to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions.

Your advantages with Fortion TransProtec

Protected transportation in hazardous areas

Multi-purpose usage

A well defined series of payload modules such as protected mobile command post, transport of wounded or sensitive equipment is available to enable multiple transport missions.

Flexible and efficient logistics

Fortion TransProtec is a 20ft container system complying with ISO standards. This facilitates and accelerates loading, transportation and unloading by truck, train, vessel or aircraft.

Excellent ergonomics

High level of comfort thanks to air conditioning and excellent air ventilation while operational even in extreme environmental conditions.

Low operating costs

Compared to other armoured transport vehicles, Fortion TransProtec has a lower purchase price and lower operating costs thanks to a more favourable passenger-driver ratio.

Want to speak with sales?

Our sales team will be happy to provide you more information about the Fortion® TransProtec® and how it can meet your business needs.

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