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I4D Intelligence for Decision : Geospatial Analysis and Multi-Source Data Fusion

I4D Intelligence for Decision : Geospatial Analysis and Multi-Source Data Fusion

From strategic monitoring to operations planning and tactical implementation

Tracking AIS at sea

What is I4D?

I4D is a unique GEOINT solution that retrieves, visualises, analyses, merges and correlates heterogeneous / exogenous sources and data for geospatial analysis. I4D offers a powerful set of solutions for geospatial analysis and the production of intelligence reports, all within a single interface. It can be used throughout the chain of command, from strategic intelligence to tactical mission preparation.


  • Interoperability with Fortion® Workflow, Fortion® CSD, Fortion® IKDB and Airbus or Customer own Applications
  • Compatibility with NATO STANAGs
  • Alerts on critical events and prediction of future route and location
  • Back-end store with profile management and authorisation check
Did you know?

Developed in collaboration with the French Ministry of Defence, I4D can be deployed as a stand-alone application. It extends its capabilities across Air, Land and Navy applications, along with civil uses such as urban planning, pandemics, natural disasters and crisis management.

Your advantages with I4D

A powerful set of solutions for geospatial analysis


Expert tool easy and quick to learn


A single interface from data collection to report production


Data compatible with OGC standards and other geospatial formats


Accurate and up-to-date data

I4D Intelligence for Decision - Infographic

How to answer today's challenges?

  • Accurate decision-making
    GEOINT combines imagery intelligence with additional data, including temporal dimensions
  • Expertise
    GEOINT is actionable knowledge, a process, and a profession
  • Multi-Source Data fusion solution
    Intelligence reports can incorporate COMINT or OSINT reports, and place value on the inclusion of temporal dimensions
  • Defence Military Intelligence
    Counter terrorism and/or Military Situational Awareness 

Ensuring people protection

GEOINT analysts can rely on I4D for critical tasks such as terrorist threat analysis and border monitoring. 

I4D integrates satellites imagery and geospatial data, enabling data analysis and fusion on geographical views.

This enables analysts to make fast, up-to-date and informed decision-making thanks to readily available intelligence reports for dissemination.

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