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Fortion® SIMFAC

Virtual environment for FAC-JTAC

Fortion® SIMFAC provides sensors, communications and weapons simulations within an immersive weather, realistic terrain and complex human and tactical scenarios.

Fortion® SIMFAC - Realistic terrain for live training

What is Fortion® SIMFAC?

Fortion SIMFAC provides the bridge between the classroom and the expensive logistics of live training and is suitable for various TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures): Call For Fire (CFF), Naval GunFire Support (NGFS), Close Combat Attack (CCA) and Close Air Support (CAS).

Accredited by NATO, it provides six live controls out of the twelve required to maintain the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) qualification.

Fortion SIMFAC training system is based on virtual simulation: equipped with a 4m diameter hemispheric screen (180° field-of-view), replicas of real equipment (laser range finder binoculars, radio push-to-talk, laser target designator, IZLID infrared pointer, full motion video…) and a head-mounted display (providing a 360° immersion).

How the Fortion® SIMFAC can support

The virtual environment software provides a realistic and varied synthetic environment (terrain, weather, allied forces, and enemy forces, urban, Northern Europe, desert, rainforest…). It allows the interoperation within NATO nations and training standardisation by sharing databases and scenarios. It has been accredited by NATO since 2013 for CAS type I, II, III night & laser.

The system has a very small logistics footprint and can be deployed in basic infrastructures as simple as classrooms. Connected to a simulation federation, SIMFAC allows training with legacy simulations, semi-automated forces, tactical operation centre and any DIS-HLA compatible simulator.

Key features

  • Supports Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) certification and qualification (STANAG 3797)
  • Used by French Forces for trainee pre-screening, basic training, re-qualification, check runs and improvement by tactical drilling
  • Enables network distributed training (Computer Assisted Exercise - CAX, international exercises)
  • Suitable for various Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP): Call For Fire (CFF), Naval GunFire Support (NGFS), Close Combat Attack (CCA) and Close Air Support (CAS)
Did you know?

Our unrivalled expertise for over three decades in satellite imagery acquisition, data processing, intelligence extraction, fusion and dissemination allied to significant Command and Control capabilities enables us to create a comprehensive situational awareness picture and deliver sophisticated end-to-end solutions.

Your advantages with Fortion® SIMFAC

Interoperable with legacy simulation (Distributed Interactive Simulations - DIS, High Level Architecture - HLA)

Versatile and flexible (can be adapted to other collective tasks such as sniper-spotter, artillery observer)

Suitable for mission rehearsal

Cost-saving solution (can replace 6 yearly live controls), based on COTS and printed replicas

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Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information about the Fortion® SIMFAC and how it can meet your business needs.

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